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Never say never

Chapter forty three: favorite son

The boys went outside to play basketball, I was gonna start dinner but Mitt inseated that we order out tonight. I ordered a pizza and waited for him to deliver it. “Mom, the pizza is here!” Josh yelled. I got up and walked into the kitchen where the boys already had the plates set up and were eating. “You boys didn’t waist any time!” I said. Mitt laughed before coming over and kissing me on the check. “We saved you some, honey.” He said. I nodded before grabbing two pieces of pizza and sitting down beside Josh at the bar. “So mom, we need to have a bonding day tomorrow.” Josh said. I raised an eyebrow looking from him to Mitt, and he looked as confused as I did. “Sure, what do you have in mind?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. “Dosent matter, just wanna hang out with you.” He said. I smiled before patting his shoulder affectionately. “That sounds lovely.” I said. He smiled before nodding. “Great. Well don’t make plans, tomorrow you’re spending it with your favorite son.” He said. I laughed before shaking my head negatively. “I don’t have favorites.” I said. He laughed before shrugging his shoulders. “Keep thinking that.” He said.

Josh pretty much passed out on the sofa after dinner. “He’s gone.” Mitt laughed. I laughed before wrapping my around around his neck before kissing him passionately. “Let’s go upstairs.” I whispered. I took him by the hand and led him upstairs. He quickly shut the door before jumping down on the bed and tossing my shirt off. “This time we won’t be disturbed.” He said. I laughed before pulling him to close to me as hamanily possible as we made love without interruptions from my “favorite son”

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Anonymous asked: When is your new story that you co-wrote going to be up?

Whenever she gets finished writing her part :)

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Never Say Never

Chapter Forty Two: Home Sweet Home
"Mom, do you have any Oreos?" Josh asked. "your dad has the peanut butter kind." I said. He looked over at Mitt before shaking his head negatively. "Dad, why are you hogging all the oreos?" He asked. Mittt laughed before handing him over the box. "Here." He said. Josh took the oreos before sitting down on the sofa beside me. "Oreo mom?" He asked. I laughed before shaking my head negatively. "No, thank you." I said. He nodded before stuffing his mouth ful of oreos. "Josh, I think you managed to eat all of food." Mitt complained. Josh looked from me to Mitt before shrugging his shoulders. "I’m hungry." He said. The joy of having all sons they’re always hungry, and Mitt wasn’t much better, he was constantly eating something as well. "So is your dad." I laughed. He smiled before nodding. "I’ll buy you some more oroes, dad." Josh said. We stayed in the living room talking and the boy’s were pretty much divoring the poor oreos.

"Mama, mama." Ben yelled. He came running into my bedroom as fast as his tiny toddler legs could carry him. "What Benjamin?" I asked. He tried to catch his breath before pointing to the door. "Josh won’t let me play with him!" He pouted. He put his little arms across his chest and looked up at me sadly with bright blue eyes. "Well baby, maybe he want’s alone time." I said. He pouted even more before throwing himself on the floor. "Nobody want’s to play with me!" He sighed. I walked over to him and ruffled his blonde hair. "The baby and I will play with you." I said. I put my hand on my super swollen stomach, and his face lite up. "Yay, I’ll go get Batman." He yelled. He came back a few minutes later with a bookbag full of action figures, I laughed before shaking my head. "What happened to getting jut Batman?" I asked. He pointed at the door as Josh came rushing in. "I brought my toys too." He said. I smiled at my boy’s as they began taking all the toy’s out of the bag. "Mama, you want to be superman?" Ben asked. I nodded before taking superman. "The baby can be this dog." He said. I laughed before raising an eyebrow confused. "Why is the baby the dogs?" I asked. He laughed before smiling up at me. "Because the dog can’t talk and neiwther can the baby." He said. I laughed at how smart he was before nodding. "I wanna be joker." Josh yelled. I actually felt bad for Tagg and Matt who were having a basketball match outside, they were missing all the fun.