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Anonymous: Timeline

Okay:) I got you

Anonymous: Can you do an AU where ann gets pregnant with a daughter?

Sure do you want like a life story I with her having a daughter like (kid, teen, adult) or do you just want her to have her as a baby? I can do either one it dosent madder:)

Ain’t that the way it goes

Chapter two hundred & fifteen: cook out
“Ann, would you like some grilled chicken? I was bored so I thought I could grill our for us?” Mitt asked. He walked into the living room with a huge smile on his face due to the excitement of cooking. “Sure. Go ahead. Can you put BBQ on mine?” I asked. He nodded before rushing into the kitchen! I decided I should go swimming while he was cooking to give him some company. I walked I to our bedroom and put on my bathing suit before walking outside. “You forgot to mention you were going swimming!” Mitt said. I laughed before walking into the pool, the water wasn’t as cold as I thought it was going to be, and to that I was happy. “don’t be alarmed if I come join you!” Mitt said I laughed before climbing onto a floaty! “You’re more than welcome too!” I said. I laid back against the floaty soaking up the warm sun against my skin. To my disappointment mitt went inside to get the chicken, and once he put them on the grill he had to go and get the BBQ. Because he didn’t think to get it a few seconds ago.

We sat on the patio and ate the chicken, it was actually really good but I wasn’t surprised mitt wasn’t that bad of a cook. “Maybe we can go and get ice cream lasted?” He asked. I looked up at him and nodded. “I’ll need to shower before we go out anywhere, I smell like Chlorine!” I said. He laughed before shrugging his shoulders. “I don’t mind you smell like chlorine!” He said. He smiled up at him, but we might run into someone we know. “But I do” I said. He leaned across the table and creased my hand gently. “Okay.” He said. The way he touched my hand like that I expected him to give me a life lesson on not to care what people think but thankful he didn’t add onto the topic. “This chicken is amazing!” I smiled. He laughed before kissing me lightly on the hand. “Thanks honey” he said. I nodded before finishing my chicken, I looked up and I felt him looking at me intensely and he was. “What are you looking at?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulder. “How beautiful you are.” He said. I blushed before returning my attention back to my food.

Ain’t That The Way It goes

Chapter Two Hundred & Fourteen: Baby Josh
Of course the baby decided to start having contractions when Mitt was at work. I was freaking out, even though this was my third baby, I had zero desire to go to the hospital in an ambulance. I called Mitt and he left work asap. I called a babysitter and she walked over while I waited for Mitt to get home. Luckily she lived right down the street. Matt was beyond dissapointed though that he couldn’t see his little sibling when it arrived, but being only two and a Half he wasn’t getting that chance.
Mitt finally came and got me about thirty minutes later. “Has your water broke yet?” Mitt asked. I shook my head negatively. “No, I’m just having contractions.” I said I dug my nails even deeper into his arm as I tossed my head back agiasn’t the seat of his truck. “Just hang on honey, i;l be there shortly.” he said. I closed my eyes and nodded trying not to focus on the amount of pain I was in. We got to the hospital around 6PM, and we found out that I was only two centimeters dilated, which meant it was gonna be a long night. “Mitt, I need some ice and a few more pillows.” I said. The hospital bed wasn’t comfy at all and along with pain I was now having sever hot flashes.”You okay?” he asked. “No, I’m in pain because of you.” I half screamed. He walked over and kissed my forehead before running out of the room scared I’d hit him. He came back a few minutes later with two pillows and a huge cup full of ice. “Thanks” I said. He nodded, before squeezing my hand gently. “We already have two, so you know everything will be okay.” he said. What part of labor is super painful didn’t he understand from the previous problems? “That dosen’t make the pain better?” I said.
It was literally in labor all night long, I eventually was 5 centimeters dialed and I was in so much pain, I actually was throwing up. Poor Mitt was trying so hard to get me some pain medication but they couldn’t do anything till I could get an epduil. The next thing I know Mitt walked over and pulled out a giant camera from his bag. “Why in the world are you filming?” I yelled. I was seriously throwing up, in pain, and he was filming. “I thought our future child, might want to watch this in the future.” he said. I rolled my eyes. “Get over and hold my hand, or don’t be in here with me at all.” I said. He quickly put the camera down and rushed over to me. He grabbed my hand and kissed the palm of my hand. “I’m sorry.” he said. I just shrugged my sholders. An hour and a half later I could finally get an erpudial, and It was unbelievable how much better i felt. “You look better.” Mitt commented. I laughed lightly before smiling weakly up at him. “I feel better.” I said. “we need a baby name for a girl, because i;m not naming her Annabelle.” I said. He laughed before nodding. “if it’s a girl you can name here.” He said. It was Mitt’s turn to name the baby since I named Matt, but I wasn’t letting my daughter be named Annabelle.
It was 10Am I was in labor for over twenty four hours eventually I was done. I told Mitt to tell the doctor to induce me into labor. The labor came easily after I finally got induced. I swear I was gonna break Mitt;s hand in half when the baby began screaming, I feel back onto the bed exahused. “Congratulations it’s a boy.” the doctor said. I glared at Mitt, great after all this I now had three sons. ¬†They cleaned him up before placing him onto my arms. I didn’t know if I should cry of smile. He looked identical to Mitt even though he was even an hour old, he has a head full of black hair, Mitt’s nose, mitt’s ears. “Welcome to the world Joshua Alexander Romney. Your mother is very glad you’re here.” Mitt said.

Ain’t that the way it goes

Chapter two hundred & thirteen:never gonna leave this bed
We were in the bed all cuddled up, mitt was pressing kisses all over my bare back. I laughed slightly. “I think we should get up now!” Mitt commented. I pouted before rolling over on my back so I could look up at him. “I think we should stay in the bed ” I commented. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him lightly on the lips. “You gonna make me stay in bed?” He asked. I laughed before pulling him down ontop of me and kissing hm passionately. “Hopefully we won’t get Intrupted this time!” I laughed. He laughed before wrapping my legs around his body. We made love without any interruptions and I was rather happy. After we finished we were all cuddled up in the bed, his legs over mine and I was all snuggled up to his chest. “This is my favorite part!” Mitt commented. I rolled my eyes. Mitt turned Spider-Man on shortly after we finished, I swear I seen this movie way to many times, I mean it was a good movie, but I didn’t understand why mitt was making such a big deal out of it. “I’m going to sleep!” I said. He looked down at me and kissed my face over and over again. “Stop” I giggled. He laugheda as he stopped and looked deep into my eyes. “We seriously need to leave this bed!” Mitt commented. I shook my head negatively before kissing him lightly on the lips. “No, you’re staying with me.” I said. I creased his face gently, sitting up more against his chest.

I guess I fell back asleep, cause when I woke up the other side of the bed was empty. I stretched out in the bed, my back was killing me from staying in the bed all day. I got out of the bed and tossed a robs on before going downstairs. To my surprise mitt was all dressed up, his hair still looked a bit out of place, but neverless he looked better than I did. “Ann, you finally deciding to wake up!” He smiled. I smiled over at him and saw Josh sitting on the sofa beside him. I felt the color drain from my face, caught in the act again. “Hey Josh, was host the kids I heard outside?” I asked. He nodded, and I walked over to sit beside them on the sofa. “Sorry if they woke you!” Josh said. I shrugged my sholders, and Mittt wrapped an arm around my neck. “I probably should go change before the kids come in!” I said. “Honey, you don’t have to go!” Mitt commented. I shrugged my sholders before going back upstairs. I overhearing josh snickering in the background. “Dad I’m Iimpressed!” He said. I heard Mitt start laughing as well. “Let’s not start this conversation again!” He replied. I felt my face. Pushing, as I ran upstairs even faster to change into some clothes.

Happy earth day

I’m spending it by listening to the king michael jackson! Couldn’t think of a better way to spend it

Ain’t that the way it goes

Two hundred & twelve: walked in on kinda

I was sitting on one of the lawn chairs by the pool, I was trying to work on my tan because I can really use it. “don’t you look pretty, you could use a bikni though!” Mitt commented. I looked up at him and smiled. “I’m too old for that!” I said. He made some weird noise before walking over and kneeling down beside me. “Come swim with me!” He said. I shook my head negatively, I just stated tanning and i didn’t feel like moving. “Mitt I just started tanning, maybe later!” I said. He pouted before kissing on my hand and then he began kissing up and down my arms I couldn’t help but giggle as he did so. “Would you stop?” I asked. He laughed before shaking his head negatively and continued kissing. “You seem to be enjoying me kissing you Mrs. Romney!” He commented. I just have up and let him kiss me. He climbed up onto the chair and I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. As soon as he did that I heard the back door open and I quickly pushed mitt off of me. “Sorry dad I didn’t mean to Interrupt!” Josh said. Despite the awkward feeling I know he must’ve been feeling he had a huge smile on his face. “Why didn’t you tell me he was coming?” I asked. Mitt got up and shrugging his shoulders. “He didn’t tell
Me he was coming!” Mitt said. I got up from the chair before throwing a t-shirt over my bathing suite as we walked inside.

Josh came over because Grace left her purse over here this morning. He left as quickly and as awkwardly as he came. “Bye mom, have fun!” He commented. I felt my face turn blood red before hitting him lightly on the arm. “Joshua Alexander Romney, that wasn’t necessary!” I said. His eyes flew open when I went all full name on him. “I was just giving you my support. My full name wasn’t necessary!” He pouted. I laughed before hugging him. Mitt stood in the doorway grinning like an idiot. “Don’t even go there” I said. He laughed before walking over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “I wasn’t even going to say anything!” He said.

Got my bloodwork back

I’m not a goner:) I’m perfectly healthy!!