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Never says never

Chapter seventy eight: moonlight dance

"Ann, I have a surprise for you." Mitt said in a sing song voice. I turned around from the mirror and smiled back him. "Oh really?" I said. I ran my hand through my hair as I tossed it up into a lose ponytail. "Yes." He said. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my neck, before leaning down and kissing me lightly on he check. "You smell good." He whispered. I laughed before pushing him away. "Where’s the surprise?" I asked. I turned around to see the sparkle in his Carmel brown eyes as he smiled. "Follow me, Mrs. Romney." He said. I laughed before taking his head as he led me downstairs, and outside to the car. "After you." He said. "Thank you" I said bowing slightly. He smiled before getting into the drivers seat of he car, he gave me a adding grin before driving out of the driveway. "You know I didn’t even have a chance to change?" I said. He smiled over at me quickly. "We’ll luck for you, you always look beautiful." He said. I blushed skittle before looking out the window. He drove down a back road making me feel really, really confused. He parked the car in an abandoned pairing lot before opening the door for me to get out again. "Come on." He said. I laughed before taking his hand. He led me through a Forrest and in the middle of the Forrest a blanket was spread out with lanterns all around it. "Oh Mitt." Whispered. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and I turned around to kiss him. "It’s beautiful." I whispered. He shrugged his shoulders. "I felt like we needed something different." He said. I smiled before nodding. "I like it." I said. I grabbed his hand and led him over to the blanket.

We stayed out there laughing and eating till the sun went down, and the stars came out. Mitt stood up and smiled down at me. “What are you doing?” I asked. He held his hand out for me, and it slowly stood up. “Dance with me.” He whispered. I laughed before raiding an eyebrow. “Since when do you dance, Mr. Romney?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders before pulling me close to him. “Since now.” He whispered. I laughed as he began dancing. “There’s no music.” I whispered, he twirled me out and back in. “We’ll lets make some.” He whispered. I smiles up at him before wrapping my arms around his neck. “Dancing in the moonlight everybody.” I sang. He smiled before kissing my forehead. “You have a nice voice, my dear.” He whispered. I smiled before shaking my heD negative. “No I don’t, but you do.” I said. He shrugged his shoulders before pressing his forehead against mine. “It makes up for my horrible dancing skills.” He said. I smiled before kissing him lightly on the lips. “Thank you, for all this.” I said. He nodded before slowing down out dance until we were both standing still looking into each other’s eyes. “Anything for you.” He whispered. I smiled at him and looked up set the moon as it sneezed down be glistening down on us.

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Never say never

Chapter seventy seven: home

Chester WANs beyond happy that we were back home, and I was beyond happy to be back home. I fell over onto the bed dropping my bags at the door to our bedroom. “You still breathing, honey?” Mitt asked, I gave him a thumbs up, not bothering to move. He laughed before sitting down on the bed, and rubbing my back gently. “You want me to unpack for you?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “Sure.” I said. He smiled before kissing my forehead. “Okay.” He whispered. He left the bed as quickly As he came. I heard him walk downstairs and began to start the laundry. I wrapped the blankets around me, and as soon as I lied down my phone began going off. “Hello Tagg!” I said. “Hey mom, I assume you’re homa now?” He asked. I nodded even though he couldn’t see. “Yeah, did you want to talk to your dad?” I asked. “No, I was just making. Sure you guys got home ok.” He said. I smiled before nodding. “Yep.” I said. I figures him to ask if I was okay but he didn’t. I got off the phone with tagg before cuddling into the bed and going back to sleep.

"Eww, don’t make babies on the sofa, we have to sit there!" Tagg yelled discussed. I buried my face into Mitts chest to hde he fact my face was blood res. "we’re not doing anything, we have clothes on" mitt said. Tagg pretty much ran away before he got he chance to prove it. "Teenagers " mitt said rolling his eyes. I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him back down to me. I creases his face gently and smiles. "I’m glad you’re back home." I whispered. He smiled before kissing me lightly on the lips. "I’m glad, I’m back home too!" He said. Mitt just got back home from a work conference in California. "I think we might have to take him up on that making baby offer." I whispered. He laughed before nodding. "How naughty of you, dear." He whispered. I smiles before shrugging my shoulders. "Not here though." I whispered, he raises an eyebrow confused. "The boys are all upstairs, besides Tagg!" Mitt said. I nodded I knew that, however I still had my plan. "We can wait till tonight." I said. He pouted before burying his face I. My neck causing me to bust in a fit of giggled. "I don’t wanna wait." Mitt pouted. I laughed before running my hands through his hair. "Go see the boys." I whispered. He nodded before kissing me lightly on the lips before jumping off the sofa. "We’ll finish this tonight, mrs Romney!" He said. I grinned before nodding. "Until tonight, dear." I whispered. I was glad he was home.

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NEver say never

Chapter seventy seven: can you hear me?

The flight back to Boston had way to many people on it, more people would stop and stare at us as they walked by us. Some would stop and talk to Mitt for a little bit, before they were yelled at to take their seats. Mitt smiled over set me before running his hand up and down my arm and smiling. “You okay? You’re rather quiet.” He asked. I nodded before smiling up at him. “It’s just really early.” I said. He laughed befoe nodding as he kissed my forehead. “That’s what I told you this morning.” He whispered. I laughed before shrugging my shoulders. “Oh well.” I said. He handed me his pillow before smiling over at mw. “Go to sleep, homey.” He whispered. I smiled over at him before cuddling up next to him, pushing the pillow against his shoulder. “Don’t move to much.” I said. He laughed before kissing my hairline. “I’ll try not to.” He said.

Mitt had his head rested against my six months pregant belly, as first time parents we were beyond excited and scared to have our first child. “Hello there little one, It’s your dad again.” Mitt said. I giggled and he looked up and me. “What’s so funny?” He asked. I laughed again before running my hands through his hair. “You talking to my stomach.” I said. He laughed before pouting. “I like talking to our baby.” He said. I laughed before smiling down at him. “We’ll keep talking then!” I said. He looked up at me. “Can you hear me little one? You’re mommy doesn’t think you can.” He said. I hit him lightly on Horne arm before laughing. “Don’t tell him that.” I said. He smiled up at me. “What happened to not giving the baby a sex?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “It’s hard not to.” I said. The baby began to kick as soon as I said that!” He laughed before smiling up at me. I guess he could understand what we were saying.

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Never Say Never

Chapter Seventy Six: Here Comes The Sun

"Your parents are gonna murder me, if they find out I been here all night.," Mitt whispered. I shushed him before opening up the blinds, the dark sky was slowly beginning to turn a light shade of pink.  "It’s so beautiful." I whispered. He walked up behind me and kissed me lightly on the shoulder. "Maybe my parents need to go out of town more often." he whispered. I giggled before nodding. "I could get used to this." I whispered.. He sighed sadly, and I know what he was thinking. "I better go before it fully light out." he said. I nodded sadly before walking him out the door. I shut the door as quietly as possible, before walking over to his car. "Thanks again for tonight, it was fun." I said. He smiled before kissing me lightly on the lips. "First sleepover of many more to come." He whispered. I laughed before shrugging my shoulders. "It’s not gonna be the same when were m,married." I said. He laughed before getting into his car. "No, well be the parent’s then." He said. I nodded. "Drive safe." I said.  He smiled, and I leaned into his window to give him another kiss goodbye. We were so caught up in the moment we didn’t notice how much brighter the sky was getting. "Here comes the sun." He whispered. I smiled agiasn’t his lips before pulling away. "Bye" I whispered. He smiled brightly at me before he drove out of my driveway, I watched his car until it was out of sight, before going back into the house and into my bedroom for the first time that night.

"Ann, are you up?" Mitt whispered. I giggled before turning around to look at him. "You seriously think I can fall asleep that fast?" I asked. We just got done making love a few minutes ago, pretty much what happens when Mitt has insomnia..  He laughed before kissing me lightly on the lips. "Well we’ve been up for hours." He said. I shrugged my shoulders before turning on my back to face the ceiling. "After a while you get to the point of not being tired." I said.  He wrapped an arm around my waist pulling me close to him. "You need to rest, we gotta fly back home today." he said. I sighed before burring my face into the pillow. "I’m not even tired." I said. He laughed and it seemed to vibrate agiasn’t my back/. "What if I sing to you?" He asked. I raised an eyebrow at him curiously. "I don’t think that will help."" I said. I knew he was right though, through thew closed blinds I could see the light outside slowly began to stream though, letting us know it was now daylight. "Here comes the sun, little darling." Mitt sang softly. Of course he was gonna sing the Beatles. I laughed befiore slowly closing my eyes. "It’s alright" I whispered softly in a sing song voice.. "You’re not supposed to sing along." He laughed. I smiled as he began to finish singing. "Here comes the sun, and I say it’s alright." He whispered. As the sun began to stream into the hotel room., I finally fell asleep in his arms. 

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Anonymous asked: Will you start updating more frequently when you can? I know you are probably stressed by the workload of college

I am. I’m free from college hours day:) I’ll update then. Sorry for the delay, I’m studying for two test atm

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Ne ver say never

Chapter seventy five: football

Getting Mitts attention during any of the games was pretty much hopeless. The BYU game was on and Mitt was glued to the t.v. I ran my hands up and down his back trying to get a least some attention. “Ann, the game!” He said. I sighed before jumping off the bed and walking into the bedroom. I tossed my hair into a messy bun, I wasn’t surprised that he didn’t bother to ask where I was going. I suppose it was half time when he noticed I wasn’t sitting beside him anymore. “Ann, honey, where did you to?” He asked. I sighed before sitting back down beside him. “I went to fix my hair, not that you bothered to know.” I sighed. He laughed before wrapping his arms around my back pulling me closer to him. “You’re interested now!” I said. He laughed before burying his face in my hair, however as soon ad the game came back on his head snapped out of my hair and glued to the t.v.. I sighed before laying back against his chest. This wasn’t working, not at all. I began kissing all over his face, he pushed alway moving over to see the .v. The only time he would ever try and reject me. “Ann, no.” He whispered. I sighed befoe glaring at him. I noticed how handsome he was when he was truly focused on something, I guess I kinda gave on on getting his attention, I laid back against the bed and closed my eyes. “Thanks for nothing.” I said. “What?” He asked. I didn’t even bother to look up at him, I pretty much figured he wasn’t even looking at me. “Enjoy you’re game.” I said.

It was funny how when the game was over he came rushing over to me kissing all up and down my face. “I’ve returned.” He whispered. I opened one eye and smiled up at him. I creased his face gently before kissing him lightly on the lips. “Let’s go out today!” I said. He smiled before nodding. “Where do you want to go mrs. Romney?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders. “Anywhere there isn’t a football game!” I said. He laughed before nodding. “Fancy restraunt it is!” He said. I laughed before sitting up in the bed. “I never said it had to be fancy!” I said. He smiled. “You wanted somewhere that isn’t going to show a football game, majorly everyone has games on on Saturday.” He said. I nodded before going into my suitcase to get a dress on. “What are you doing?” He asked. I giggled before rushing into the bathroom to change. “Gotta look fancy if we’re going to a fancy restraunt!” I said. He laughed and smiled and I smiled hat I was finally getting attention.

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Never say never

Chapter seventy four: day off

I woke up Mitt kissing all up and down my bare shoulder. “Mitt, stop!” I moaned. I hurried my face nit the pillow and he laughed against my ear. “So I was thinking of not going to the meetings today.” He said. I pulled my head up fast and looked up at him confused. “You don’t have to do that.” I said. He shrugged his shoulders before running his hand through my blonde hair. ” I want to.” He said. I smiles before kissing him passionately. “I love you.” I whispered. He smiled before wrapping his arms around my bare waist. “I love you too. However I think you better get dressed before I take ad tangle of you.” He whispered. I giggled before shaking my head negStively. “What if I want to be taken advantage of?” I asked. He laughed before kissing me up and down my neck. “We’ll I can arrange that!” He whispered huskily. I moaned as he pressed,kisses all up and down my body. I thrusted my body toward him letting him as much as pocsibble. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he entered quickly as possible. I sunk my nails into his back as I moaned softly.

"I was thinking after a quick shower, we could go get breakfast?" Mitt whispered. I smiled up at him before nodding. "Are they even still selling breakfast?" I asked. He nodded. "If. It we can get lunch, as long as we spend the day together." He said. I smiled before jumping off the bed and rushing into the bathroom. "What are you doing?" He yelled. I laughed before poking my head out the bathroom door. "Taking a shower before you!" I called back. "Hey" he replied before opening get bathroom door. "Go wait you’re time, Mr. Romney!" I said. He laughed before kissing my forehead. "Make it fast, I kinda want pancakes!" He said. I grinned at him before taking one of the faster showers of my life. "Your turn!" I said, I tossed on some underwear and a bathrobe before walking over to my suitcase to change clothes. Mitt came out a few minutes later fully dressed and everything. "Aw I kinda enjoyed you in the robe!" He whispered. I hit him lightly before smiling I lay him. "You want pancakes, we better go!" I said, bye laughed before walking me outside to the rental car he had got. "You got yourself a BMW.?’ I asked. He laughed before shrugging his shoulders. "You like it?" He asked. I nodded before leaning back against the seat. "However it’s. not your style." I said. He looked over at me curiously before laughing. "Something more manly you imagined?" He asked. I nodded before shrugging my shoulders. "It’s nice though." I said. We ended up going to IHOP even though they served breakfast all day, but they had the best pancakes at least that’s what Mitt said. It was going to be a lovely day together.