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Anonymous: are you still sick lauren?

Yes:( I didn’t go to collage tonight, because I was so sick!! Makeup work is gonna suck.. Lol

Ain’t that the way it goes

Two hundred and ten: making love

He began pressing pressing kisses all over my body. We couldn’t just have a nice little innocent massage without it ending up sexual. “Mitt” I moaned. He was creasing my breast gently, and I threw my head back against the edge of the sofa. “I’m gonna take my time!” He whispered. I nodded before pulling him down to me and kissing him passionately, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled our body’s close together as humanly possible. “I—love— you—” I breathes in between kisses. He Han began sucking and kissing my neck. I moaned, I was slowly losing all of my patience. “I don’t want to wait anymore!” I said. He stopped kissing my neck and looked me deep in the eyes. He smiled before nodding. He wrapped my legs around his waist before slowly entering inside of me. “We’re taking it slow” he whispered again, I sunk my nails into his back and moaned slightly as he did so. “That’s fine!” I whispered. He nodded before entering in and out of me at a really slow past. This was making love, also I would be sore in Horne morning from our previous heated sex session before the kid’s came over. “Mitt” I moaned. At the mention of his name he began entering inside me at a faster past. I closed my eyes, before sinking my nails deeper into his back. A few minutes later I came.

“How was your birthday? Now it’s 12AM!” Mitt laughed. I laughed before shrugging my sholders, “it was perfect. Thank you, for everything!” I said. He leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Let me carry you to bed!” He whispered. He stood up and grabbed the blanket and me and carried me to the bedroom. “You know it’s not my birthday anymore?” I laughed. He nodded, as he laid me down gently on the bed, as if I were break if he didn’t. “I just thought it be me comfterable for you!” He said, I patted the spot beside the bed. “Come lay with me!” I whispered. To my happiness he willingly obliged.

Anonymous: Sex after Bday? lol

Oh lord. Haha sure:)

So your girl has been up all night with the stomach virus

So if I don’t update tomorrow or it’s late.. It’s because 1) I’m still super sick or 2) I’m in the bed

Ain’t That The Way It Goes

Chapter Two Hundred and Nine: Happy Birthday Ann pt 2

We went to the Ivy, of course one of my favorite places ever. We all went in Matt’s SUV because Mitt thought it would be pointless taking two different cars. “Is Craig coming?” Matt asked. I nodded. “Yes” I said. Matt nodded and we drove to the restaurant. We got a huge round table, and Chloe and Mitt sat down beside me. “How was school today?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders. “we made Easter crafts.” she said. I nodded. “That sounds fun.” I said. She nodded.  Craig showed up an few minutes later with the whole family. “Happy birthday mammy. We made you this card. Will mostly me, but Miles helped.” Parker said. I laughed before hugging them. “Thank you.” I said. They both nodded before running over to sit beside Nick. “Happy birthday Mom.” Craig said. I walked over to him and hugged him. “Thanks sweetie.” I said.  ”Here’s your gift.” Mary said. I hugged her as well as we all sat down for lunch. Mitt instead that the entire restaurant sing to me, and I wanted to crawl under the table I swear I hated him for that.  ”Make a wish, honey.” Mitt commented. Everything was so truly perfect I honestly had no idea what to wish for, but I thought of something and then blew out my candle. 

We stayed at the restaurant a little over the hour just talking and catching up. Craig & Mary or mostly Mary got me a bath&body set and a bright pink sponge to go along with it. Matt dropped us back off before heading over to pick Mia up from her sleepover apparently she wasn’t feeling well. “Tell Mia, I hope she feels better.” I said. “I will. HAPPY BIRTHDAY mom. Love you.” Matt said. I smiled before waving at him. “Love you too.” I said. I fell onto the sofa, and smiled happily over at Mitt. “You scored major husband points until you got them to sing to me.” I said. He laughed before moving my feet onto his lap so he could sit down. “Did I lose them all?” He asked. I shook my head. “I would like a massage.” I said. His eyes lite up and he smiled. “take off your shirt birthday girl.” He commented. I laughed before throwing my shirt in the floor leaving me in my bra, and my skirt. “The bra two?” I asked. He shook his head negatively. “I’ll take it off when I get to it.” He said. He began messaging my lower back gently. I buried my face into the pillow; and moaned in satification as he began messaging harder. “You have some very amazing hands, my dear.” I commented. He laughed before kissing my back lightly. “I’m glad you’re happy.” he said. He worked his way up my back, he messaged right up to my bra, before stopping. “Go ahead. Take it off.” I commented. He laughed before losing my bra off. He moved his hands to my upper back going all the way up to my shoulders and back down. I moaned again, feeling utterly and completely relaxed. “I’m glad I’m doing such a good job.” He commented. I opened my eyes and tried to look up at him. “Don’t stop” I commented. He obeyed my command he keep massaging my back until I feel asleep. 

Aint That THe WAY IT gOES

Two Hundred & Nine: Happy Birthday Ann

I woke up to smell of lilacs; I opened my eyes and the whole bedroom was covered in flowers. I felt a huge smile coming to my face.  ”what a lovely birthday surprise.” I said to myself. I threw my bathrobe on before going into the kitchen. “I made you waffles.” Mitt said. I smiled before walking over to him and kissing him lightly on the lips. “Thank you, for the flowers and breakfast.” I said. He smiled before kissing my forehead. “Happy birthday old lady.:” He winked. I hit him in the stomach lightly. “shut up, you’re older than me” I said. He shrugged his sholders before kissing me lightly on the lips. “Go eat your waffles, than you can open your presents.” He said. I smiled brightly at the mention of my presents,so I sat down on the bar, and began eating my waffles. After breakfast we went into the living room were my presents were laying on the floor. “Which one should I open first?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. I opened the biggest box that was wrapped in a hot pink paper. Inside the box was a beautiful pink coach tote bag. “Mitt, you totally shouldn’t have got this.” I said smiling. He laughed before shrugging his shoulders. “Looks like you like it to me.” he said. I went through the purse and found he had already put stuff inside. I pulled out some Bath & Body hand sanitizer, and some lipgloss. “Thank you.” I said. He just nodded.  I opened the second box it was much smaller than the first one, inside the second bag was a tiny black box, which only meet jewelry. I opened the box to reveal a beautiful silver necklace with an A on it. “Oh my God. It’s beautiful.” I said. I held it up before handing it to Mitt. “Would you put it on?” I asked. He nodded, I pulled my hair away from my neck as he put it on, before kissing my neck lightly. “It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I whispered. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. I moaned softly into his mouth as I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. “Where do you want your third present?” he whispered huskily. I laughed before shrugging my shoulders.

An hour later we laid naked under the blanket on the sofa, only my necklace that was still on my body. “The kid’s should’ve been here by now.” Mitt said. I jumped up and looked down at him. “You invited the kid’s over and you didn’t tell me?” I asked. He laughed before nodding. “It was part of your present.”  he said. Before I could reply the door bell rang, causing me to grab the blanket and run into the bedroom to put some clothes on. “Hold on.” Mitt yelled. I couldn’t help but laugh as I through some shorts and a t-shirt on, feeling like a teenager being walked in on by their parents. I walked out of the bedroom and Mitt manged to get dressed all though his hair was still beyond messed up, Matt didn’t seem to think anything. “Happy birthday mom.” He said. I walked over to him and hugged him. “Happy birthday mammy, I made you a card.” Chole said. I hugged her before opening up the card. She drew a picture of me and her, and a giant cupcake. “It’s beautiful, thank you. Where’s Mia and Nate?” I asked. “Nate’s at soccer practice and Mia is at friend’s house.” Matt said. I nodded, before walking over to hug Nick. “How hot is outside?” I asked. Matt shrugged his shoulders. “It’s pretty warm, I hope you like your present Laurie wasn’t with me, so if you don’t like it, I’m sorry.” He said. I laughed before sitting down to open his present. “It’s the thought that counts honey.” I said. I opened the card first to revel a giftcard to Nordstrom. “See you’re already doing a god job.” I laughed. He smiled. I went deeper in the bag to reveal a beautiful pink scarf with purple flowers. “Matt it’s beautiful.” I said. “I know you can wear it back home. Tagg said it was freezing.” he said. I nodded. “Thanks sweetie.” I said. I got off the sofa and hugged him.  ”You guys hungry? We can take mammy out for lunch?” Mitt asked. He nodded. “We can invite Craig?” I asked. Mitt nodded before walking over to me and kissing me lightly on the forehead. “whatever you want birthday girl.” He said.