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Coming Back TO Love

  • Chapter Two: One Step Forward Two steps back

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    Ann just wanted to be noticed again, she just wanted to be looked at with the eyes of love. With the eyes of lust. She knew she wasn’t so young anymore, but until a few months ago, she believed Mitt could still love her as if those years had never passed. At 7pm everyone was in the living room for dinner. Ann arrived late; she spent a lot of time in deciding what to wear. Something summer, something simple. Something beautiful. Something that made her feel beautiful again. But she was beautiful. For real. “Mom, are you ready?” Tagg said aloud, but Ann was already there, at the foot of the stairs, smiling, “Sorry for the delay.” Mitt was playing with his grandchildren, but he looked up and smiled, almost without realizing it. He smiled because she liked that she came, he smiled because she was so beautiful. Ann felt nervous; things were going too well, and it seemed impossible that two months ago she and Mitt could not be together in one room. They sat down at the table, away from each other. Far as they were in life, now. From time to time they looked, smiling, in a sign of peace. Or a sign of something that neither of them could understand. “How did it go in Europe, Dad?” Josh said. “Perfectly. Europe is wonderful. Enchanting. ” He replied enthusiastically. Then he grabbed his iPhone from pants pocket and pointed to some photos: “Look, it was gorgeous!” Josh was sitting next to Ann, so she was able to take a look at the photos. One of them broke her heart. Mitt and a woman at the beach at sunset. In Greece. Ann looked away, “I see you have not wasted your time…” Mitt smiled, but this time he did it ironically: “You’re telling me that you have?” Ann snorted nervously. Disappointed by the man she loved so much and could hurt her with equal force. “You’re an idiot, Mitt!” Then she stood up and left the room. One step forward and two steps back.

  • "Real smooth dad." Josh sighed.
    Mitt pratically went running after her. Ann was going up the stairs when he caught her by the wrist. “Let me go.” She snapped. He shook his head negatively. “I’m sorry. Okay.” He said. She raised an eyebrow before trying to blink back the tears forming in her eyes, she was beyond mad and beyond hurt. “What for?” She asked. “For the picture, for making you upset in front of the kid’s.” He said. She rolled her eyes before wrapping her arms around her waist. “Sorry just can’t fix everything.” She whispered. He nodded before looking up in her and smiling sadly. “I know, but I felt like you needed to know.” He said. She sighed before nodding, she left him and went into the bedroom and shutting the door. she waited to make sure he wasn’t entering before she fell down beside the bed and began crying. She just wanted him to hold her, and kiss her, and make her feel wanted. She didn’t want his pity she just wanted his love, and she didn’t understand why he didn’t want the same thing she did. Little did she knew Mitt was lingering in the hallway contemplating if he should come in or not, he decided to give her some space before going back downstairs with his kid’s who where just as upset with him as Ann was.

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Never say never

Chapter forty nine: I wanna be normal

It was rather sad seeing Josh off, I get rather attached to my children coming back Home, and in a way intended to forget they have a life and a family of their own. We both bugged him goodbye and waved at his car until we couldn’t see it anymore. I sighed sadly before going back inside, Mitt however had other ideas. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms tightly around my waist before kissing the side of my forehead. “Alone at last ” he whispered. I smiled up at him still kinda sad. “I’m not in the mood, right now.” I said. He nodded before kissing my forehead lightly. “You wanna go out for breakfast?” He asked. I nodded before smiling I pat him. “I think is like that.” I said. He smiled happily before walking into the kitchen to grab his keys. We went to Starbucks and got not chocolate I got a blueberry muffin and Mitt got some kind of sugary pasty that was going to make him way more hyper than he already was. “What in the world are you eating?” I asked. He smiled up at me before speaking with his mouth full of whatever he was eating. “It taste like Cinammon, you want. A bite?” He asked. I shook my head negatively. After we finished eating wee sat there for a while finishing our hot chocolate and using the free internet. “Your awfully quiet, is it because Josh left?” He asked. I shrugged my shoulders before nodding. “I’m so silly wishing they all stay.” I said. He shook his head negatively before reaching across the table and grabbing my hand. “You spent all your time with them, it’s normal for you to miss them when they come and go like that.” He said. I nodded before returning my gaze back to my iPhone, good timing to because a bunch of rather loud teenage girls came over practically begging for a picture with Mitt. We could never have just a normal breakfast as husband in anymore, I knew that was part of the “job” running for president becoming noticed but after a whole you’d think they’d stop you know? Apparently I was rather wrong.

We arrived back home and I went outside to let Chester out without saying a word to Mitt. I guess he figured I was upset/ mad because he didn’t bother to ask me what was wrong. “Ann” he said. I turned around to see him standing beside the door smiling over at me sadly. “Come here.” He said. I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his waist. “Sorry, I just wanted a normal breakfast” I said. He ran his hands through my hair before kissing me lightly on the lips. “You wanna be normal, but honey, it’s not gonna happen.” He said. I nodded sadly. “Not anytime soon.” I said. He wrapped an arm loosely around my waist. “Let’s go watch a movie, baby.” He said. I smiled before following him inside, feeling a little normal for now.

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Never Say Never

Chapter Forty Eight: Last Day With Josh

I woke up to the sound of Josh banging on the door yelling. “Mom, Mom, Mother.” I sighed before tossing the blanket off me and grabbing my robe, before opening the door. “What is going on?” I asked. He smiled down at me brightly his bright eyes practically shinning with happiness. “Good morning mom. I just wanted to tell you breakfast is getting cold.” Josh said. I nodded before rubbing my eyes tiredly. “Okay, just let me get dressed.” I said. He smiled before heading back downstairs. I tossed a t-shirt and shorts on before going downstairs to see Josh eating a plate full of bacon. “Morning honey, Your plate is beside Josh’s.” Mitt said. I walked over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek before sitting down beside Josh. “Thanks for breakfast, honey.” I smiled up at him. I looked over at Josh who smiling widely like he just found out some kinda huge secret. “You guys are very cute this morning.” Josh said in a sing song voice. I laughed before rolling my eyes. “Don’t even go there.” I said. He smiled before shaking his head negatively. “I didn’t say anything else, mom.” He said. He stuffed his mouth with one last piece of bacon before hoping out of the chair and walking into the living room. “I’m going for a run, have funnnn.” He said. I laughed before looking over at Mitt. “Was it Josh’s idea or yours to cook breakfast?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders before walking over to sit beside of me. “Neither really, we just got hungry.” He said. I laughed before nodding, when were they both not hungry? “I see.” I said. He smiled. “I saved you some.” He said. I laughed before rubbing his back affectionately. “thanks for that, sweetie.” I said. He nodded before eating some more of the bacon.

Since it was our last evening with Josh I had a family meal planned. I made Ham since that was Josh’s favorite food, with Potato salad, and corn bread. “You really out did yourself.” Mitt said. I sat the cornbread on the oven before turning around and smiling back at him. “I missed cooking.” I said. He laughed before nodding. “I can tell, you never cook this much for me.” He pouted. I laughed before wrapping my arms around his neck. “You’re not my son, and you’re not leaving.” I said. He smiled before kissing me lightly on the lips. “Maybe I should go away for business if I come back to this kind of meal.” He said. I laughed before shaking my head negatively. “You need to stay.” I said. I pushed away from him and he came behind me and grabbed my butt gently, and I jumped up before slapping his hand away. “Stop.” I said. He raised an eyebrow before smirking. “That’s not what you said last night.” He said. I rolled my eyes before getting a glass of water. “Stop being a teenager.” I said. He laughed before coming up behind me and wrapping his arms loosely around my waist. “I thought you liked being a teenager.” he whispered huskily. I turned around and looked up into his caramel brown eyes. “Not when our son is in the next room.” I whispered. He sighed before nodding, he let me go and I turned around to find Josh sitting at the kitchen table eating some corn bread. I felt my face began turning blood red, wondering how much of that he heard or saw. “Mom, this is amazing. Thank you.” He said. I smiled before nodding. “Anytime honey.” I said. I glared back at Mitt who was stifling back a laugh as he grabbed himself some cornbread.

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Coming Back To Love

Chapter One: Here We Go Again


Ann hugged her grandchildren and the boys who were outside waiting for her, she bite her lip nervously she saw Mitts car in the driveway, she wasn’t sure how she should react to seeing him. She felt the butterflies in her stomach, she felt like she was a a teenager again. Part of her wanted to run Into his arms, and another part of her wanted to get back in her rental car and drive away. She bite her lip nervously before walking inside the house, no sigh Of him yet and she breathed a sigh of relief. “Mom, I got your bags!” Tagg called. She nodded before following him into the bedroom there was already a suitcase and clothes all over the room. “great ” Ann thought. They were sharing a room. “Tagg.” She said. He shook his head negatively. “Dad is happy about this.” He said. Ann raised an eyebrow curiously before wrapping her arms around her waist nervously. “Where is your dad?” She asked. He pointed outside and She nodded and he leaf her alone to her thoughts. Ann sat down on the bed before sighing again, what in the world was she gonna say to him. There was so much to say, yet she didn’t know how to say it, however she didn’t have time to think before there was a knock at the door; Ann almost fell off the bed when she saw Mitt standing in the doorway..

"I think our children want to play." Mitt said, smiling. After two months apart, that smile had lit the day. Ann loved his smile, sincere, honest, unpretentious. She had loved that smile from the first day they met.
She said nothing, nodded and stood up from the bed. She did not know what to do: embrace it, keep smiling or yelling that she had missed him. So hard!
"Don’t worry, I need this room just to unpack my things. I’ll stay in the guest room or on the couch. "
Ann did not have the strength to say anything. She nodded again. She was looking at him when he placed the bags on the bed, he opened the closet looking for a small space for his stuff. She kept looking at him and admiring how good he was. Maybe he’s been in Italy. He had a perfect tan, wild hair and those sunglasses resting on his head that made him much younger than his real age.
"How did it go?" She asked plaintively. Mitt turned around; at same time his iPhone rang; it had a different ring tone and when he took the call, he looked enthusiastic about the person he was talking with. He did not answer her; he did not have time. Perhaps he no longer had time for her. And this was the problem between them: he no longer had time for her. Not enough, not what she wanted and needed. Mitt had not even really looked at her; her had not noticed her more blonde and longer hair. He had not noticed the dress she wore. He had not noticed anything. Ann knew it would be hard, but she hoped that something would change.
She had so many thoughts in her head that she didn’t notice Mitt was back in the room. “You have a new hairstyle?” He asked. She hesitantly nodded, “It’s the color.”
He nodded, smiling. “You’re beautiful.” Then he came back to take care of the suitcases. A small step. Very small.

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Coming Back To Love

Prologue: Fan-fiction co-writing with Angie

  • The last time they had seen each other… The last time they were in the same room, she had screamed that he had to leave. She told him that she was tired of always having to fight against something. Mitt, that time, did not answer. In silence, he nodded and left the house. Ann waited for him all night, but he didn’t came back. This time, it was really enough! This time Mitt was getting tired of her insecurity. This time, she was tired of having to share her man with a whole party, even with a whole country. They had never fought so hard. Mitt had never stayed a night out, without letting her know where he was. This time something was different. Mitt decided to leave for a trip to Europe with his best friends, Ann had decided to leave for Hawaii. No New Hampshire. No weeks with the entire family. Not this summer. This time, something had really changed. Two months later, Ann was sitting by the sea on a beach in Maui, she was staring at the ocean; she loved to hear the sound of the waves touching the shore. sHe looked rested, in peace with herself and with the world. But her eyes lurked something deeper: spending those days, months, without him was not so hard. Ann was a strong woman, but at evening, when the sun went down, when the sea became hopelessly silent, Ann felt she missed something. Her eyes filled with tears. sHe lacked something. she hoped that wherever he was, he felt the same feeling. The feeling that, some days later, allowed her to accept Tagg’s idea to go to the lake and spend some family time, aware that Mitt had accepted. They would meet again after two months apart.

  • Ann had her bags packed, her flight back to New Hampshire was delayed and she quietly thanked God that it was. She was in no way shape or form ready to see Mitt after this long of time. She didn’t want things to be awkward especially around the kid’s, and grandchildren, that being said, she truly deeply missed him. The time apart gave her time to think about what she wanted, and she was tired, tired of being alone, tired of sleeping by herself, tired of holding back all the things that she wanted to say to him that night he left and never got the chance. She sighed heavily as the boarding sign on the plane began flashing, she took a deep breath and boarded the plan. She was happy she got a window seat, she thought maybe looking out at the at the cloud passing by would calm her nerves. As the plan began to take off she opened the window and put headphones in and tried to relax, even though at this point she doubted that was humanly possible. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was this nervous too, she felt a sharp pain in her heart knowing that he might not even miss her, maybe he enjoyed their time apart, maybe he wasn’t longing to see her. After all he had her phone number, he coudn’tve called or he could’ve even asked the kid’s where she was, she accidentally told Tagg on the phone, so he know very well where she was, and he didn’t show up to see her. She felt the tears come into her eyes as she quickly brushed them away with the back of her hand. She suddenly thought maybe this wasn’t the best idea, but it was already too late.

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